Eight Pearls To
Good Health

This book is about taking a common sense approach to improve your health. It puts you in the driver seat with excellent simple common sense ways to take control of the precious thing you call your body.

To stop the cause of a disease is to create a cure!
– Dr. Derek Middleton, PhD, QEBS, QD, MS, LE


Couldn’t recommend this more. This book highlights the very important aspects of health that we seem to forget in today’s world. I think it’s worth the read

Nicole J.

If you are looking to take charge of your life, look no further. Dr.Middleton shares great information in his book, Eight Pearls to Good Health, that will help you understand your body better and start you off on a great journey of your own.

Becky M.

This book has been a blessing. It helped me take charge of my life by understanding my body better. Thanks to the advice from Dr. Middleton, I can now boldly say that I’m on a journey to good health.

Elsa D.

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